Our Story

Two years ago, two friends, Asmita Ahuja and Chloe Beaudreau, now seniors, were walking together to class at Carnegie Vanguard. Both participants of the Scholastic Art & Writing competition, they shared a vibrant passion for photography and creative writing. Suddenly, an idea rose to surface during their conversation—what if there was a way students across their school could publish and share their work with everyone? This seed of an idea soon sprouted to life, and within a few days, they began planning, drafting, and crafting a very special project. By Spring of 2020, they created a platform—a student-led literary magazine named The Courtyard.  Today they continue to expand this initiative, hoping that more students have the opportunity to share their inspiration, creative voice, and artistic vision.

Artsy Magazine

Our School's Support 

The teachers, students, PTO, and administration of Carnegie Vanguard High School was extremely supportive when we proposed the idea of a literary magazine. Ms. Harris, a Creative Writing and English teacher, constantly supported us as we conducted interest meetings for students and made school-wide announcements. Ms. Matsu, the dean of instruction, was also supportive throughout the advertising, designing, and printing process. It was especially exciting when students were eager to become editors or simply submit their work.