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All students can apply to be an editor and join the editorial staff of The Courtyard. Applications will open on March 5th for the 2021 edition of the magazine and the link to apply (along with additional instructions) can be found here! Works are anonymously reviewed by the team of editors based on a variety of criteria including quality and originality. We encourage editors to select pieces that we believe demonstrate the most depth and will add the most value to The Courtyard. It is always challenging to decide among so many talents, however, due to limited space available it is necessary. Check out the slideshow on the left to find out the specific duties of each editor!

*NOTE: The positions in these slides may vary as editor positions are removed, added, or modified each year. To see the up-to-date version, read the description in the Google Form below: 

Editor Applications 2021

Deadline to Apply: April 2nd, 2021