Frequently asked questions

What shipping options are available?

There are two shipping options available: customers can either have their copies delivered to their door by a member of our team (COVID safety measures will be in place), or they can pick up the copy from Carnegie Vanguard High School’s garage at a later scheduled date (you will receive an email). If you do not live in Houston your copy will be shipped via mail at an additional cost.

Is shipping included in the price?

Yes! Shipping is included and the final price is $10.00. There is an additional fee for non-Houston residents.

When will I receive my copy?

You will receive your copy from late September to early to mid October. We thank you for your patience as it takes time to print the copies.

What safety guidelines are you taking into account with COVID-19?

Our team will make sure to follow all necessary safety guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of our customers. The team members delivering your copy will be wearing masks and gloves and will maintain as much distance as possible. In addition, all copies will be packaged in a plastic cover in order to have safe contact and preserve the product.

Can I purchase if I live outside of Houston?

Yes, definitely! However, because your copy will be shipped and delivered via mail service there is an additional cost.

What is the return policy?

Whenever you purchase a copy, we order another magazine to be printed and shipped to Houston. Because of this, we are unable to do returns.